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Viewconcept web site uses cookies that are necessary data files for the purpose of our site performance. This data may contain some personal information. The privacy of our users is our priority and we are committed to the protection of the personal data of our online users. Information collected through cookies, tags, tracers, hereinafter referred to as «cookies», is treated with care in accordance with the legal provisions in force and specifically the Act of 13 June 2005 about electronic communications.

The use of cookie is subject to the prior consent of Viewconcept web site users in the banner posted on our website.

When a cookie on Viewconcept web site includes personal information, this information will be processed in accordance with Viewconcept Privacy Policy.


1.    Table of contents

      General information

      Types of cookies used

      Third-party cookies

      Cookies lifespan

      Cookies management

      Your rights




2.    General information

Cookies are text files downloaded to your device when you visit a website. Cookies are sent back to the original website at each subsequent visit, or during a visit to a site that recognizes that cookie. Cookies are useful and allow a website to recognize a user’s device and often facilitate the user experience.

There are two main types of cookies, “essential” cookies and “non-essential” cookies:

      Essential cookies are required for the functioning of our website, and allow a user to browse our website and use its main features.

      Non-essential cookies are cookies that allow you to personalize your user experience on our website, but which are not essential to its operation.

These types of cookies have different characteristics of validity period and origin of placement:

      Validity period on of a cookie on the user’s computer:

       Persistent or permanent cookie: this essential cookie remains after the session has ended. It is stored on a user’s computer memory until it expires (designed with an expiration date) or until the user deletes this cookie. Persistent cookies collect user’s or device identification information and may include some preferences (e.g., cookie acceptance).

       Session cookies: this essential cookie only last for the duration of the visit on a website (session). They are erased when the user closes the browser.

      Cookies placement:

       First-party cookie: this cookie belongs to the visited site.

       Third-party cookie: this cookie is linked to an activity delivered by a site third party. This cookie is imported from a site whose content is indirectly accessible (e.g., a statistic analytic third party).

The majority of user’s browsers (e.g., Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari) support cookies. Users can always set their browser to disable cookies and delete them.


3.    Types of cookies used

Cookies are mainly intended to improve our users’ experience.

Viewconcept site uses both essential and non-essential cookies. Non-essential cookies are analytics cookies, and functional cookies.


3.1.     Essential cookies

Essential cookies are required for the functioning of our website. They allow you, e.g., to navigate Viewconcept website in accordance with Article 129 of the Act of 13 June 2005 on electronic communications, and your consent is not required to activate these cookies.


3.2.     Non-essential cookies
3.2.1.         Functional cookies

Functional cookies allow us to personalize your experience of our website, e.g., remembering your preferences. These cookies cannot be used without your prior consent and are therefore subject to your prior consent made during the first visit of our site.

 3.2.2.         Analytics cookies

These cookies collect information about how you use our website, for example which pages you look the most often, how long you stay on our website. The purpose is to improve our site functionality and performance (for example, to resolve error messages on some pages of our site) and help us understanding which pages and sections are the most visited. These cookies cannot be used without your prior consent made during the first visit of our site.


4.    Third-party cookies

We make use of third-parties that fall into the categories described above.

For example, we use third-party analytics cookies from Google to help us evaluating the traffic on our website. You can visit Google’s privacy commitments on and take note of the procedures for withdrawing your consent on

We are not responsible for the content of these statements or the content of the cookies managed by third parties. These cookies cannot be used without your prior consent and made during the first visit of our site.


5.    Cookies lifespan

The lifespan of our cookies does not exceed 25 months.


6.        Cookies management

The user may restrict the use of cookies or disable them through the settings or options of the user’s browser . The user is informed that he remains legitimate to remove cookies stored on the user’s device. Instructions can be found in the « Help » menu of the user’s browser. Please note that if you delete certain cookies, our website or some of its features may not work anymore until new cookies are recreated.


7.        Your rights

It is the rights of all our users to consult any collected personal data and request to remove them. Please visit Viewconcept Privacy Policy. It contains a summary of your rights as well as a description of how to exercise them.


8.        Questions

Any question or request regarding the processing of cookies can be sent to


9.        Update

We may update our cookie policy at any time by publishing a new version on our website. We therefore recommend any user of our web site to consult this policy on a regular basis.


Last update : 20/06/2020.